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Is everything confidential?
Absolutely...with a few exceptions that all psychologists are required by law to follow. The law and my code of ethics require me to keep all information private except in very rare circumstances. For example, if you threaten to harm yourself or another person, the law requires that I make efforts to protect you or the other person. When you come for your first appointment there will be a form in the waiting room that outlines the specific limits regarding confidentiality and you will have a chance to review this and discuss it with me during the first session. If you have any specific questions before then, please feel free to ask me. Other than the situations identified by law, what you say in therapy stays in therapy. If I need to speak to anyone else about you in order to facilitate your therapy, I will discuss it with you ahead of time and obtain your written consent.

Is your office private?
My office is my "sanctuary"...a quiet, peaceful place for me and hopefully for you. It is located in a professional office building that has many other services in it (optometrist, hair dresser, accountant) so when you enter the building people do not know that you are visiting a psychologist's office. I am up on the second floor at the end of the hall so it is very private to enter. I have a private waiting room, used only by my clients. My waiting room does not have windows so nobody can walk by and see you waiting to see me.

Since I am the only psychologist working out of my space, you will not see very many other people. You may see another client as you enter or leave, but I usually have a break after every two sessions so you will usually only see someone before or after your session (not both). Rarely will you share my waiting room (only if someone is waiting for the person ahead of you and that is not a regular occurrence). Also, in order to ensure privacy and confidentiality my office was "custom built" and sound proofing was emphasized. I even have double walls and double doors between my office and waiting room. I know that seeing a therapist can be overwhelming and anxiety producing. I want my space to be as safe and comfortable for you as possible.